Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top Five Favorite Fall Trends

Have you noticed a change in the leaves? Well, here in Regina, signs of fall are already showing. But lets forget about the weather focus on the best part of fall: fashion! I have a list of a few fall essentials to start you off with your fall shopping (for girls):

1) Mid-High Waisted Jeans: from shorts to pants, have you given in yet? Say goodbye to low-rise, and find a comfy pair of mid to high waisted jeans. They're an easy way to fashion-up an outfit, just tuck-in a shirt or wear a loose cropped top. Also, no more worrying about the bum-crack!
(rachel marie j lookbook)
(american apparel website)

2) Warm Leather Jacket: Black, brown, or camel, they can be pretty handy in the winter, and go with basically any outfit.

3) Coloured Pants: Blue, maroon, red.. take a look around for some new colours of pants that you could make work with your outfits. Velvet is the "high fashion" trend, but don't think that's necessarily a must. Have fun with it!
(juliette k, lookbook)

4) The Over sized Sweater: Back to the 80's again! This is a buy you wont regret; who doesn't want to be confident in their comfies? And if your looking for something even more different, try a knitted sweater.

5) Burgundy: If there is one colour I would recommend you add to your wardrobe for this fall/winder, it is burgundy. It is popping up everywhere: in pants, sweaters, scarves, shoes, you name it. Try it out :)


Other trends to look into: the off-the shoulder shirt, flare jeans (too soon in my mind), full length skirt or maxi skirt, or sued boots/shoes.
(american eagle)

Hope these small tips have given you something to look forward to in fall shopping! Questions or concerns? leave a comment!
later dudes

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