Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spring Fashion Translated (funny)

When I was searching for some inspiration for spring fashion, I came across this spring tips slideshow, 'translated' by Pretty hilarious commentary, and very true, check it out on the link below.
So many things that come down the runway are unwearable for the average person.. we have neither stick figures nor mounds of cash. I'm sorry designers, but a bright turquise top with party-purple pants WOULD make it look like I was trying too hard, or something else.'s Spring 2011 Wardrobe Tips, Translated:


Style On The Plane: Plum

I had a fortunate meeting with fashion designer on my plane right to vacouver. Next to me sat Claudia, a designer for plum, and for the next hour she was all mine. Alright, I didn't bombard her with fashion questions, but I did her advice on shopping for Spring 2011!

Her advice to me was invest in floral prints (small floral bunches), flowy dresses and skirts, and she said military inspired clothing is still going strong. Awesome! (also bright girly colours will be in, as well as neutral earthy tones).

Claudia was a very memorable and inspiring person, but she doesn't have a blog just yet, so I checked out the plum website just to see what it was about. I'm now subscribed to No Guru, the Plum fashion blog, and her personal suggestion was

Here are some pictures that highlight her suggestions for spring fashion:

Lauren Moffatt


BB Dakota

BB Dakota

BB Dakota