Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fashion Showdown: Jean vs Leather

There are two jackets contending for your closet: leather and jean! Both could become your next staple item, both are hot on the trend-o-meter!

so it's going to come down to your personal preference, and what works with YOU.
Questions to consider:
Are you a "cold" person? Are you naturally chilly? Maybe go for a leather jacket, which is a bit warmer for the summer season. Jean jackets breathe a bit more
What's Your Vision? What do you see working with your wardrobe? Look through your stuff and imagine adding a leather jacket or jean jacket to it. Which feels more comfortable and natural, or more excited and edgy? Also, wearing jean on jean is a fashion YES, but if you would feel awkward wearing a jean jacket with all your jean shorts and pants, then maybe you should go for leather to add variety.
Am I trying too hard? what!? NO! YOU'RE NOT! why are you even asking yourself this? just do it! Don't worry, you don't look like a greaser in leather, and a jean jacket doesn't make you look like you're going to kindergarten.
Hand-me-downs? 50 bucks says your mom or dad had one when they were your age, maybe it's still kicking around :) it's a great place to start.

still unsure about where your loyalties lie? let's look at the photography to help you narrow it down...

Below we have the lighter jean and leather variants: a super worn light-wash jean, and camel leather.

The light wash leather for girls is really a hit for this summer, but if you have lots of light jeans/jean shorts, you might want to go with a darker wash to juxtapose the two jean materials.

Below are the darker jean and leather options...

Dark leather is a classic choice, and very easy to apply to any outfit or colour scheme.

Then there's the misfit washes, but don't rule those out! Unique is good :)

Here are two very similar outfits.. one with jean and one with leather.
Which of these do you like better? (unintentional rhyme)

You can dress them up...

Or dress them down..

Both of them can become staple items!

You can have something with all the tassels, zippers, a-symmetry, buttons, bells and whistles...

Or you can keep the jacket simple, and spice it up with scarves, jewelry and accessories.

You might already own a jean or leather jacket, but hopefully this post has been helpful or at least gave you some new outfit ideas :)
If you're buying a new one, remember to not just buy the first one you try unless you could see yourself wearing it. Watch for the length of the jacket, the material, and fitted-ness to make sure it's 'you'. It should make you feel great! And don't be afraid to raid your parents old stuff, or go thrifting :).
Till next time...

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Trending: Crochet

My favourite trend of this year: Crochet!!
This pretty feminine trend is going on in every form you can think of: tops, dresses, bathing suits, even shorts. Even Purses! Neutral colours, black, and especially white are the colours to watch for. Note of caution, unless you're covering up on the beach, layer up! It might be nice to feel a summer breeze, but those holes can reveal more than the fresh air..
So have fun and try it out! I would give some guidelines here, but it's a pretty open trend. You can be organic, exotic, chic, clean...If there were any rules, they would just be to keep it fun, and don't over-complicate it. Don't be afraid to try something loose, or accessorize.
Try to buy one crocheted item in your spring/summer shopping this year.

As a swimsuit cover :)

cardigan style
don't be afraid to let your sweater fall off the shoulder.
this is maybe.. a little much? :P but the belt is a nice touch.
A tank top wouldn't be bad either :)

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Free People
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-? -
Graham and Spencer dress

More photo's i found.. added later, from minkpink.

till next time,