Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Get it: Khaki Jacket


The Khaki green jacket is a great winter-wear item. It's long, warm, functional, and stylish. Khaki is being worn with brown, black, and grey this winter, but be careful not to wear ALL those colours together. Maybe models can do it, but not in the real world.

Photo's of Inspiration:

Should I Do It? - Thigh High's

YES!!!! Thigh High socks are such a fun and interesting way to bring your look to 2011. Wear them with skirts, stylish shorts, long tops, tights, and don't worry about looking too school-girl.

- Not with jeggings or leggings.
- Darker colours are usually better for us with "shapely legs", so make sure you try them on before you buy them if you can. Darker colours are best, but a camel or cream is also fun with darker boots.

But remember, they're supposed to be fun! So jump on it before the trend is gone :D.

Inspirational Photo's:

Lace-up! - Winter 2010/2011

Personally I am loving the lace-up boots and shoes that have made their way from fall to winter. Oxfords, to Military, with high-socks to boot, is a very trendy way to spice up an outfit. Adding a little lace-up detail also adds a little edge.

Here's some of my favourite pictures...

Call to Fashion

Last year, I travelled to England, and my eyes were opened to the creative beauty that is fashion. Top Shop, H&M, New Look had designs and fabrics that inspired a new passion within me. This small city girl from Saskatchewan had her nikey* socks blown off. I had a lot of lost time to make up for, but it was inticed.
Since then I have been scowering blogs, tv shows, and webpages, when I need a break from the textbooks. I have gathered so many pictures, I figured, why not share it? Maybe someone will enjoy my discoveries, and maybe this will help me become even more savvy. I believe participating in the culture you wish to be apart of is an important part of growing, so here I am.
Enjoy my pictures and posts! I'm no run-way diva, but I love the industry... and I like to think I have style....ish....