Friday, January 21, 2011

1 pair of Black Jeans 2 go, plz.

I was pretty devastated this morning when I saw that my favourite pair of blue jeans had a huge rip.. and in the irredeemable spot... the crotch. Well, I guess this means its time for a new pair of pants.
Looking through my photo archives, I realize I don't have a pair of black skinny jeans, which can really be a staple item. They edge-ify your look, but also allow you to keep it simple (just add a t-shirt, some cool shoes, or a little colour). If you haven't already got a pair, here are some photos of some fun black-jean looks:

Leslie K, from lookbook
Annika B, from lookbook.
If you're worried that the top you have just might be too short for a legging ensemble, black jeans solves that too, as well as trying to find an outfit for weather too cold for tights.

These are more of a cargo material, but the same idea.
Frouu, lookbook

By the way, this goes for you too, guys :)
erwin b, lookbook

So if you were ever sceptical, resist no longer! I'm gunna try to find me some :)