Monday, October 10, 2011

That's A Wrap, folks!

YO! Sorry I haven't blogged lately, I'm a poor student enveloped in my studies, but I just wanted to fill you in on some things I have been looking at to re-use and spice up your already fabulous clothes :) I'm talking about head-wraps, headbands, and turbans!

Here are some examples:

I know I just have so many scarves from over the years, and can't seem to find enough outfits to wear them with, but maybe wrapping them into turbans and headbands can reinvent the scarf, and put them back in my wardrobe in an intersting way!

It's kind of a boho look, but i'd say anyone can give it a shot if they want to find a new way to wear a scarf :) with some sweet shades, simple tank/t/and skirt or leggins and oversized sweater :) the combinations are all up to your imagination.

So, the best way to learn anything quick today is.. youtube tutorials! Below is a picture tutorial, and a video tutorial on a few ways to tie scarves into turbans.

Pretty simple, eh? I found that thinner or silk scarves work best, especially for starting out. Just experiment, add a broach, try it on an angle, maybe you'll figure out a new cool way to tie a scarf :) and if you do, let me know!

also, I just wanted to include the picture below cause I find it rediculously crazy. 49$? For a turban wig? Like, seriously? back THEN? maybe it's a joke... either way this chick has seriouse lips. woah.
thanks for tuning in :)