Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bandeau's, kahki's, and kicks.

This may be my last post.. my fashion exploration has come to a public end, and I think I have found my style niche. If you ever want help shopping for a specific item, please let me know, I still like helping people spend their money on just the righ thing for them. But lets be real, how much of who we are is defined by our clothing, and how much is really just our attitude towards life? Be creative, create, love, and live with integrity.

Hopefully this blog has helped you realize that you don't need a lot to be creative, not really anything. Find what you have laying around, whether it's old khaki's, a friends bandeau, or some kicks...and make them you, fun, and interesting. Intentionality is all it takes. You're beautiful, now go!

Peace out! (Literally).