Friday, February 11, 2011

Pattern and Frill: fashion week

Fashion Week has come and gone, and there are some fantastic items, targeted towards us 20-somethings. Anna Sui and DKNY took gold in my mind. Their ready-to-wear spring collections have items that are mesmerizing.. partially because of the intense patterns. Some of the items are sure to give us a glimpse as to what we will be seeing in stores this summer (especially around formal wear). Here's my picture low-down:

Frill:: You can have frill or tassel trim, or and entire skirt of frill, or just on the collar, but frilly-ness is present.

Red shoes are still a great accent. and how amazing is that skirt? Very random and a-symmetrical. White blouse/flowing white tops are were a trend as well (Vivienne Tam).

Boo-ya one-zies! The collar frill is sophisticated but fun.

This is very country-girl, but the frilly trimmed apron-dress could be pretty cute. The blouse underneath looks pretty cute as well.

Pattern: From tiny floral to bold exotic patterns, you can be printed from head to toe.

DKNY has pattern and flow here, such a fun spring dress. And love the pockets (also that jacket that is walking away into the distance.. sweet)

This doesn't have a lot of pattern, just in the scarf (which comes back in the collection in different forms), but this ensemble is just so classy. And the trench coat is great.

Alright if you don't want to wear this dress, I think your crazy. The model is rocking it, and the pattern is so eye-catching, and the tassel bottom makes it fun and a little western. Pop a jean jacket on top, and you're good to go. Speaking of jean...

Socks and sandals? what? haha.. alright I would never wear this ensemble, but the bag is sweet, and this outfit is a good indicator that the 70's are coming back strong for spring. Some great colours here, and the skirt pattern is scrumptious.

Talk about pattern! I just thought this dress was fab and creative. It's hancercheif scarf gone cocktail dress.

And remember that first dress? they even have it in a swimsuit! I'd totally wear it.

Well, that's my picture summary of my favourite bits of DKNY and Anna Sui in fashion week. Hope it inspired some ideas for spring shopping :) later!

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