Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We've gotta make it through the winter...

Alright, so here's the thing, sweaters are a necessity, and there are two trends that have been dominating this winter so I thought I'd post about them. The trends are... ... ...

Knit with Pattern and Ovesize Sweaters!

Knitted Pattern sweaters are great because they aren't only warm, but have tons of great colours and you could probably find a pretty sweet one thrifted. Here are some examples of some prime patterned sweaters:

Awesome pattern, this is Christina Stilborn!! her photo as well.

And the guys ones are SO nice...

That was from H&M

Oversize is a great theme as well, since you can wear these larger sweaters with leggings.. and really, is there anything more comfortable than an oversized-sweater and stretchy pants? dont think so. Stripes are the thing on over-sized sweaters right now, but retro colours and patterns are also pretty fantastic in my mind. A note about these: some girls can pull off any kind of large sweater, but I know I can go wrong pretty easy with a buky style. It's good to make sure it falls in the right places, and doesnt just bulk at the stomach. They can look good! Heavier fabrics or fabriscs that fall nicely are better.

Here's some examples from the archives:

American Apparel

i'd maybe wear some pants.. but hey.

Then there's the ultimate.. a combination of oversize-sweater and knitted and patterned! sweet!

well I hope you enjoyed this episode of making it through the winter.. later!


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