Monday, April 25, 2011

Style Close-Up: Corrin Z

CORRIN ZUG: Film Student. Layering extrordinaire, colour specialist :)

Location: Anaheim, California
Favorite Place to Shop: Thrift Stores
Favorite Article of Clothing: Jeweled Headband (or cut off’s, she would wear them every day if she could)
Fashion Motto: “If you can’t feel confident in it, don’t wear it”

Corrin has a colorful and individual sense of style. She doesn't just wear what the media deems to be “in”. What she wears has be Corrin-esque, and it has to have character. She loves to find unique things, like retro t-shirts or oddly colored pair of shoes, and contemplate the story behind them. Who wore them? What might that person have been like? The idea of giving the clothing new life, for her, is the fun part of fashion.

If a piece of clothing is collecting dust in her closet or wearing out, before she throws it away she asks herself if there is any creative change or alteration she make that would make it wearable again. “With a little change, I might love and wear [it] all the time… what you can and can’t 'pull off' is, a lot of the time, all in a person’s head. Granted, there are some colours and fits that flatter some people more than others, but as far as certain styles or patterns or maybe out-there outfits may go, YOU pull off what you want HOW you want”. Wise words.

Huntington Beach


The Whitehouse Resteraunt, Anaheim.

More fashion close-ups to come :)
till next time...

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