Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Summer Blang-blang: all you need to know about summer accessories

I've never been one to wear jewelry or many accessories at all, but I've been looking around for what might be cool to try. I mean, accessories can make an old outfit feel new again.
The bracelets and necklaces and rings that are being featured lately are very tribal. Lot's of campaigns are include an element of tribal in their looks for the summer season, and a wooden/beaded necklace or leather/hand-made bracelet is a great way to bring some of that into one of your outfits. Here are some examples (from Margaret S (lb), AE, and Freepeople)

Colour, boldness, and abundance looks cool in photos, but there's no need to cover yourself when you're out and about. One strong necklace, or a few bangle bracelets can do the trick.

camille c lookbook


Here are some bracelet examples from H&M, AE, Free people, and XXI.

Also, if you're hanging around outside, try a hat! You can go for the big floppy sun hat, or more Indiana Jones style.

I'm going to try rockin a thick headband/bandanna. Sure, call me a hippie :)

Lastly, but most importantly, sunglasses! Everyone wants a solid pair of sunglasses for the summer, and I always felt that I could be the most out-there with sunglasses. You can take them on and off, and no one cares if you're a little silly.

You're parents 50's shades are still going strong, and also the big round Hollywood style glasses. Cat-eye glasses are pretty cool, and I've even seen John Lennon shades around too, if you're really looking for something different :). Maybe try some bold pairs this summer.

Just a note for the guys, aviators are pretty sweet, but you can try the 50's style glasses too. Try em out :)

One thing I would recommend for every girl, is to get a skinny brown belt, woven or leather. You can wear it over shirts or dresses or with shorts and a tucked in shirt. You feel like you've transformed into a fashionista :).

Happy Dressing!


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