Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Style Close-Up: Braydon Jordheim

for today's style close up we are featuring the one and only, mr. ensemble himself..
teacher's assistant, movie junky, and outfit extraordinaire.

Braydon Jordheim
Location: Pense/Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada)
Favorite Place to Shop: W.O.T. (world of trout), and Coda.
Favorite Article of Clothing: Plaid Shirts
Fashion Motto: “Work with what you got”

You shouldn't be ashamed of your body-type..."I'm thin, but not afraid to show it", he says. Anyone can find reasons for whats wrong with them, but what about highlighting your features? This confidence and understanding of body type is key to Braydon's style.

For our downtown photoshoot I asked Braydon to choose his four favourite outfits to wear in different parts of the cityt. We started shooting at the Balfour apartments, with Braydon in his latest summer look.

He's wearing Levi cut-offs, and a forever21 tank, and a Le Chateau Necklace.

Braydon's next look is fresh; inspired by childhood and fun.

His sweater is from the Disney store, he's wearing Levi Skinnies, and Vans shoes. The beanie is from World of Trout.

Being 6'3, Braydon didn't always find it easy to get pants to fit his slim bod. But after he tried on his first pair of Levi jeans, he swore he'd never go back. Levi's are "the way, the truth, and the light for tall people", says Braydon.

If in need of a name, this next outfit could be called "Funky-retro-gentleman". It's an outfit he's rocks at banquets and fancy parties.

"I'm 6'3 and all legs, so the bow tie helps my shorter torso feel longer.. work with what you got! Learn what works with your body".

The bow tie is from Le Chateau, it's a forever21 vest, Calvin Klein dress pants, Supra Hightops (shoes), glasses from H&M, and the white shirt is from his dad.

"The lenses aren't real, but why not rock them, like any other accessory?"

This look features one of Braydon's favourites: plaid. He's wearing a blue notes plaid shirt, a T from urban outfitters, Levi jeans (of course), and vans. The umbrella was the result of a rainy day in Wascasoo.

"I find with my style that I like color, but if I want to seem more classy I get simpler and darker colored."

"If [what you're wearing] doesn't make you feel like you're hot, why wear it? Clothes are supposed to make you feel good about yourself. It may take a while for you to figure out your style, but so did math ;)".

Braydon's found a way to balance fashion, fun, and freedom in his daily attire. Thanks for giving us a peak into your fashion life Bray!

Till next time...


  1. Love the pictures Braydon! :) Your style is so fresh!

  2. I love the Vans shoes! They are my favourite!